How do I install the OK app?

After you download the OK app it’s time to start the installation. Open the OK app and follow the steps shown on the screen. This links all your details to the app once and for all, where they are stored securely and encrypted.

How does the link between my bank account(s) and my OK app work?

In order to be able to pay with OK, you need to link a payment account to your OK app. OK currently supports (prepaid) MasterCard and Visa credit cards and bank accounts from all Dutch banks that support iDEAL. You can use a linked account to pay with OK immediately, up to the limit of that account. You do need to be 18 or older for this. If you’re aged between 13 and 18, please ask for permission from your parent or guardian. You can link a payment account by clicking on the (+) under Payment Accounts. Then select the provider from which you wish to link an account or card.   P.S. Linking payment accounts to OK is secure because OK stores no information at all about your payment account in your OK app on your mobile phone. No IBAN, card number, security code or expiry date: nothing! Every linked bank account becomes a barcode in your OK app with which nobody other than OK can do anything.   A payment can therefore only be started with your OK app on your mobile, and can only be confirmed with your OK code entered in your OK app on your mobile. Super-secure.

How does the OK app work?

You can store different bank accounts and loyalty cards in the OK app. You can also enter address details for online purchases. When you pay in a shop with OK, you first select your account number in the app. The till operator than scans the QR code that appears on your smartphone. In order to pay, you give your OK on the phone and the transaction is completed, including the discounts. The receipt and any savings points are automatically saved in your app. With online purchases from your mobile phone, you can select the option ‘pay with OK’ from the payment options. The OK app will then open automatically. For online purchases from your tablet or computer, a QR code appears on the screen which you scan with your mobile phone. In both cases, you then tick the correct delivery address on your phone and give your OK to complete the transaction. Any discounts are applied immediately, and once again the receipt and any savings points can be found in your app.

Where can I pay with the OK app?

OK’s technology is designed such a way that it can be connected to any till and payment system, both online and off-line. The launch in September 2017 involves 100 partners where you can pay with OK. This number is constantly growing.OK is working hard right now to implement OK at all your shops, webshops, food and drink venues and petrol stations. We anticipate that you will be able to use your OK app in many places after the summer. If you have any questions or want to know when OK will be going live in your area, check this website regularly. We’ll keep you informed!

What can I link to the OK app?

Basically: everything you have in your wallet. So from your personal details and payment cards through to membership cards, savings cards, gift vouchers, tickets, lottery tickets, ID cards and discount coupons.

Why does the OK app use QR codes?

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’. A QR code is a square chequered barcode which can be scanned with a smartphone.  QR codes provide a secure, simple and fast link between different media devices, both online and off-line. The QR code is therefore easy for anyone with a smartphone to use, as a result of which it can make a link quickly and securely between the phone and - for example - an (online) retailer. It doesn’t require a special phone, which means it’s suitable for OK.

How secure is paying with OK?

Paying with OK is just as safe as paying with PIN, iDEAL or a bankgiro payment slip.Firstly, the OK app can only be used on your mobile, so your security code or your fingerprint on your smartphone provides the first layer of security.Secondly, your OK app is linked to your data which is stored securely in your OK account. Finally, you need to confirm your OK requests (transactions) with a self-selected personal 5 digit OK code. You decide for yourself what data you provide to a shop or webshop, for example.

How is my privacy safeguarded in the OK app?

All the data that you entrust to OK is only used to help the parties involved carry out interactions and transactions with one another easily. OK has taken all sorts of steps to secure this data. The consumers’ data is thereby strictly separate from the retailers’ data. The OK app helps you to provide your details to a shop, for example, but only after you have given your OK. They’re only passed on after you have given your explicit permission, so that there can never be any misunderstanding about whether - and for what purpose - you have provided those details.Users can also ‘reset’ the relationship with the retailers at any time, so that the user becomes anonymous for the retailer again (for future transactions).

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