How does OK work?

You can store various bank accounts, loyalty cards and accounts in the OK app. The one-off registration for the app asks for your address. This information can then be rapidly accessed, for instance for online purchases. When you pay with OK, you first select the required bank card in the app. Than the barcode that is related to your bank card is scanned. In order to pay, you give your OK in your app, which checks whether there are any applicable savings programmes or discounts and automatically applies them. When the transaction is completed, your till receipt is automatically stored in your OK app.

With online purchases from your mobile phone, you can select the option ‘pay with OK’ directly from your basket. If you click on this, the OK app will open automatically. For online purchases from your tablet or computer, a QR code appears on the screen which you scan from your OK app with your mobile phone. In both cases, you tick the correct delivery address on your phone and give your OK to complete the transaction. You therefore never need to create an account or log in to a webshop to make a purchase, since your address details are securely stored in the app!  Discounts and savings points are processed immediately and automatically, and once again you can find the receipt in your OK app.

Download the OK app

Download the OK app free of charge from the App Store or Google Play right now. This new payment solution turns your smartphone into a smart wallet. Paying with your mobile phone has never been so secure, easy and fast. If you need help installing the OK app, check out the FAQs or contact the OK helpdesk.