Paying securely with your smartphone

Paying with OK is just as safe as paying with PIN, iDEAL or a bankgiro payment slip. The OK app is linked to your payment accounts. You always pay with your self-selected personal 5 digit OK code, which you only enter on your own smartphone. Nowhere else.


You can only use your OK app on your mobile phone. Your security code or your fingerprint on your smartphone provides the first layer of security. In addition, your OK app is uniquely linked to your OK account, in which all your data is stored securely. Finally, you need to confirm your OK requests (transactions) with a self-selected personal 5 digit OK code.

With OK, usernames and passwords are a thing of the past. Registering or logging in just involves a scan and entering your OK code on your own phone – that’s all. Your phone is your username, and your OK code is your password. But you only enter it on your own phone. This unique method ensures that it’s all easier but above all more secure for you.


With OK you log in securely every time, and you decide what information you want to give to a shop, webshop or other OK acceptor. All the data that you entrust to OK is only used to help you enjoy easy interactions and transactions with others. OK complies with the strictest security requirements and has taken every step to secure your data. With OK your data will only be passed on once you have given your OK. There can therefore never be a misunderstanding about whether and for what purpose you have provided that data.

You can see in the OK app which organisations and companies you are using OK with, and since when. You can also reset this relationship and start again from the beginning. OK will never provide data to third parties without your express permission.

Control your privacy

OK has great respect for your privacy. With the OK app you decide what personal data you share, and with who. You have complete control over your personal data in your OK app, and over who you share it with. By using the OK-app, you’re helping other organisations and companies to comply with the new privacy laws which come into force in 2018.

Secure link

In order to pay with OK, you link your bank accounts or credit cards once. After that you will only see a barcode for the linked payment account in your OK app. You get that scanned in order to start payment and you confirm the OK request with your OK code.

Stored securely

The data that you entrust to OK through your OK app is stored securely and encrypted in the associated OK account. That means that only you can view them via the OK app on your smartphone. One mobile, one OK app, one OK account.

Secure app

A lot of attention has been paid to the security of the OK app. It’s been designed by experienced IT security experts, and following extensive testing the OK app has been approved by leading independent IT & cyber security institutions.

The development of OK

OK has been developed by the people behind iDEAL. We have been working on this new, secure and easy way of paying for over 6 years in conjunction with a group of Dutch investors who believe in OK as much as we do.

OK is an initiative by OK IT B.V. and is supported by a group of leading investors, retail and IT specialists.