At last there’s an app which is entirely yours. Where you decide what goes into it, you decide what you do with it, you decide with which bank you pay, you decide what you scan and in what savings programmes you participate and which loyalty cards should be stored in your phone. You decide who gets your details. With OK you have ‘everything’ of yours always to hand in your mobile phone. OK makes your phone even more yours.

Your privacy

With OK you log in securely every time, and you decide what information you want to give to a shop, webshop or other OK acceptor. All the data that you entrust to OK is only used to help you enjoy easy interactions and transactions with others. OK complies with the strictest security requirements and has taken every step to secure your data. The OK app has been developed in such a way that your details are only passed on after you have given your ‘OK’. There can therefore never be a misunderstanding about whether and for what purpose you have provided that data. You can decide any time whether you want continue the chosen relationship, want to continue it anonymously or want to end it completely. OK will never provide data to third parties without your express permission. OK is thereby complying with the new 2018 Privacy law which ensures that the consumer’s privacy is always safeguarded.

Your security

You can only use your OK app on your mobile phone. Firstly, your security code or your fingerprint on your smartphone provides the first layer of security. Secondly, your OK app is linked to your data which is stored securely in your OK account. Finally, you need to confirm your OK requests (transactions) with a self-selected personal 5 digit OK code. OK replaces your login details with all sorts of businesses. With OK you no longer need to enter usernames and passwords. All you need to do is link your details during the registration process. OK makes use of an encrypted username as a unique key that nobody knows – not even you! This unique method ensures that it’s all even easier but above all more secure for you.

Your freedom

OK is your app. You decide what is and is not placed in it. You have everything with you, you can’t lose anything any more and you no longer need to log in. It enriches and simplifies your life, but above all gives you more time and security. OK means full control over your customer accounts and transactions. OK means not worrying any more whether your savings points or discount  have been applied. OK ensures that you get what you’ve selected. OK saves all your receipts so you never have hunt around if you want to exchange something. OK combines everything that you don’t want do yourself, and works the same everywhere. No new rules. OK works with all banks and runs on all smartphones. OK is freedom.

Your choice

What you do with it is entirely up to you. OK makes you independent. You choose. You set your app up the way that you want it. OK also means more time and less hassle.  No unnecessary questions at the till, because the app automatically applies discounts for your benefit. No need to mess around paying, storing receipts or saving tickets on your phone any more. Everything in your wallet in terms of personal details, payment cards, membership cards, savings cards, gift vouchers, tickets, lottery tickets, ID cards and discount coupons are now securely stored on your mobile phone. You decide when you want to use the OK app, for what and where. The OK app gives you control, and allows you to see easily what data you have shared and with who.

You’re able to shop everywhere, in all channels, wherever you like., Any time, any place, anywhere. No more complicated interfaces with hardware. Wherever you are 24/7, in a shop, online, from a product leaflet, outside a cafe, from a bus, a sticker, a billboard, or at the front door. Ordering has never been so easy. With OK you really are mobile.

OK doesn’t exclude anything or anyone

OK offers room for all accounts from all banks and credit card companies and works on all smartphones. We don’t exclude anything or anyone. We use everything that’s already available. We don’t impose rules on anyone. We make the services that you currently already use even better. OK will continue to optimise smartphone technology with the aim of making your life simpler, without hassle.