OK is an app with which you can pay everywhere with your mobile 24/7:  online, in a shop, on the road or at your front door. At last there’s one app in which all your various bank accounts, loyalty cards, savings programmes, memberships, discounts, tickets and till receipts are stored securely in digital form. You decide what goes in your own smart wallet, and what doesn’t. Never forget anything again, with everything readily to hand and so no more hassle!



What is OK?

With the OK app you can pay with your mobile phone: online, in a shop, on the road or at your front door. OK provides you with insight and control over all your transactions.

OK has been developed by the people behind iDEAL in order to make life as simple as possible for consumers. That’s why OK doesn’t exclude anything or anyone. OK is available to everyone and interfaces easily with all banks, credit card companies, shops and brands. On all smartphones. You can also store your passport, driving licence, membership cards and insurance cards securely in the OK app.

Is it secure?

OK certainly is secure! You can only use your OK app on your mobile phone. Your security code or your fingerprint on your smartphone provides the first layer of security. In addition, your OK app is uniquely linked to your OK account, where all your data is stored securely. Finally, you confirm a payment with your self-selected personal 5 digit OK code.

Lost your phone? Then you can freeze your account online in order to restore it on your new phone easily later.


In order to pay securely, easily and quickly with OK, you link your payment cards to your smartphone. That allows you to pay by mobile everywhere!


With OK you can store all the savings programmes that you participate in digitally on your smartphone very conveniently! When you pay with your OK app, you’re automatically credited with your savings points, giving you insight into all your savings programmes at all times.


Store your loyalty card or coupon in the OK app, and you’ll always have them to hand when you come to pay. So you’ll automatically enjoy the benefit you’re entitled to!